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Mechanical Design
Written by Paolo Raspa   
Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

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A new partnership with Salardi Sitemi sas open our service to other field as the mechanical design of automated machines.

Salardi Sistemi was founded in 1994 in order to satisfy the demands of customers who wanted a representative of the conception, wholesale and design. 

The projects are certified by standard quality UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, obtained by Salardi Sistemi in 2013.

The partnership between Salardi Sistemi and 3D Supervision Systems offers a complete solution to the customer, starting from the elaboration of the idea, to the design, both hardware and software, to the implementation of the product. Is also provided a technical support.

Particular attention is given to:

  1. Customer need: each project has several review steps 
  2. Timing: the delivery of the product respects the timing defined with the customer
  3. Quality: the process of quality certification comprise the elaboration of the idea up to the delivery and the technical support
  4. Customer support: after the delivery of the product we offer a full prompt support for the customer by remote sessions or on-site intervention 

The objective of this partnership is to provide services which meet the needs and expectations of customers in compliance with the principles of confidentiality and expertise that both companies had fixed as internal target.