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PIC32 SK - I/O Breakout Board
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Tuesday, 05 March 2013 09:53

The new small and functional Expansion Board for Microchip PIC32 Starter Kits is now ON SALE!!!

The PIC32 SK - I/O Breakout Board allows you to develop your embedded application quickly, easly and at very LOW COST!

A sketch of the board is depicted in the following two figure (the first is the front view while the second is the back view).

Front     Back

The pinout of the Hirose connector, typical of Microchip PIC32 Starter Kits, is spreadout in a number of standard 2.54mm pitch spacing connectors.

A complete serigraphy on the bottom of the board shows the positioning of the Hirose connector pins following the standard enumeration of the PIC32 Starter Kits. The serigraphy shows also the position of 3.3V (VDD) and 5V supply pins provided by the PIC32 Starter Kits.

The board is also equipped with a number of GND pins in different position, togheter with four practical hole for spacing or fixing the board. Besides there is also another practical hole in the center bottom of the board in order to fix the PIC32 Starter Kit to the board through M3 screw.

What makes this board different from all other commercial board available is not only the dimensions and the useful serigraphy but also two small vias for the STANDALONE MODE!!! With this board it is possible to work with PIC32 Starter Kits in standalone mode without the need of connecting it to a PC. This is possible thanks to the two small vias marked with VDD: a proper connection of a via with the PIC32 Starter Kit enable the standalone mode and makes possible to work with the microcontroller without an USB connection to a PC allowing the development of standalone applications (remote control, data logging etc.).

The PIC32 SK - I/O Breakout Board toghether with the 3Dmicro Toolkit for LabVIEW provide you a complete hardware and software instrument to develop your embedded application in an easy, quick and cheap way.

This is the User Manual for the PIC32 SK - I/O Breakout Board

Click here to download the guide, if your browser does not support embedded PDFs