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H.I.Box - Home & Industries Box
Written by Paolo Raspa   
Sunday, 12 May 2013 11:17

The 3D-SVS is pleased to inform about a new hardware product - Home & Industries BOX


A robust and versatile board to interface with the real world for the PIC32 Starter Kits board supported by the 3Dmicro Toolkit.

What can the H.I. BOX do for you?

  • Supports up to 24 V DC input to be read with safe interface with the microcontroller
  • Set digital output draining up to 2.5W power with safe connections with
    the microcontroller
  • Have a generic and adattative power supply
    • DC power input range from 9 to 24 V
  • Provide an easy way to communicate with users and to debug software
    • 1 standard LCD output
  • Host a web server to to remotely control and monitor digital/analog input/outputs with the 3Dmicro Toolkit (up to version 2.3 beta)


Technical specifications

The product proposed is composed by:

  • Power supply module:
    • DC power is supplied either using the
      • DC power input (ranges from 9 to 24 V)
      • Mini USB connector
  • 10-channels Digital inputs: from 3.3 V to 24 V
  • 8-channels Digital outputs: 2.5 W max, short circuit to GND
  • 1 standard LCD output (4 wire LCD screen)
  • DC outputs:
    • 5 V
    • 3.3 V
  • 1 Ethernet RJ45 port
  • 1 USB port: for storage on external FAT32 USB drive
  • Connector for a custom expansion board

00 PIC32 SK
PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit (PIC32 SK)

01 HI board 1

HIBOX board

02 HI board 2
HIBOX board with PIC32 SK mounted

Application Example

Remote Monitoring and Web Interface for an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The H.I.BOX Analog and Digital Inputs acquire water quality data from pH/Redox sensors
and pumps state in an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant. Live data are made available
by a configurable website hosted on the microcontroller which automatically fit smartphone
and tablets screensize

Impianto Chimico-Fisico HIBox

Homepage with Live Info

 Plant Graphs
Data are acquired and plotted in runtime

Tablet Vertical Interface  Smatphone Vertical Interface

Tablet Horizontal Interface