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3Dmicro Toolkit New Version Announcement
Written by Paolo Raspa   
Monday, 23 April 2012 19:37

We appreciate your questions and feedbacks on the Evaluation Version of the 3Dmicro Toolkit. We are working hard to provide a new version.


What you can do with the upcoming version 3Dmicro Toolkit:


  • set up low-cost (remote) didactic laboratories for the remote monitoring and control of educational control systems;

  • interface the MCU to external sensors, drivers, motors and devices for robot applications;

  • develop a wireless home energy monitoring system;

  • reuse the C code and integrate it with NI LabVIEW and the 3Dmicro Toolkit to write an application or reuse C code generated from 3Dmicro Toolkit and NI LabVIEW code in other projects;

  • extend the functionalities starting from the editable graphical library.

The new version will include a lot more new features, among them:


  • Easy management of external interrupts (up to five);

  • A complete access to the I/O ports of the microcontroller (up to 7), including port and bit read/write;

  • Full control of all the PWM outputs and A/D converters (up to 5);

  • Easy storage on external USB devices;

  • Serial communication using two fully configurable UART ports


The new palette on the 3Dmicro Toolkit

The new version will be soon available on the the LabVIEW Tools, check it out.