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3Dmicro Toolkit Arduino Expansion. Where LabVIEW meets Arduino
Written by Paolo Raspa   
Monday, 14 May 2012 08:28

How to make a control program run on an Arduino Board without any communication between LabVIEW PC and the Arduino board?

The answer could be 3Dmicro Toolkit and the Arduino Expansion, developed in cooperation with the guys from Automazione Open Source

  • The Arduino control program can be drawn using NI LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW C Generator converts the LabVIEW code to C code.
  • 3Dmicro Toolkit Compiler makes the C code program compliant with the Arduino compiler generates and downloads the firmware on the microcontroller

3Dmicro Toolkit - Arduino Expansion now supports:

  • Uno, DuemilaNove, Diecimila Arduino Boards
  • AVR ATmega 328 and ATmega168 microcontrollers

Check the video out for a demonstration:


3Dmicro Toolkit New Version Announcement
Written by Paolo Raspa   
Monday, 23 April 2012 19:37

We appreciate your questions and feedbacks on the Evaluation Version of the 3Dmicro Toolkit. We are working hard to provide a new version.


What you can do with the upcoming version 3Dmicro Toolkit:


  • set up low-cost (remote) didactic laboratories for the remote monitoring and control of educational control systems;

  • interface the MCU to external sensors, drivers, motors and devices for robot applications;

  • develop a wireless home energy monitoring system;

  • reuse the C code and integrate it with NI LabVIEW and the 3Dmicro Toolkit to write an application or reuse C code generated from 3Dmicro Toolkit and NI LabVIEW code in other projects;

  • extend the functionalities starting from the editable graphical library.

The new version will include a lot more new features, among them:


  • Easy management of external interrupts (up to five);

  • A complete access to the I/O ports of the microcontroller (up to 7), including port and bit read/write;

  • Full control of all the PWM outputs and A/D converters (up to 5);

  • Easy storage on external USB devices;

  • Serial communication using two fully configurable UART ports


The new palette on the 3Dmicro Toolkit

The new version will be soon available on the the LabVIEW Tools, check it out.

3Dmicro Toolkit Performance Tests
Written by Paolo Raspa   
Thursday, 05 April 2012 09:58
Many users asked us about 3Dmicro Toolkit performances. We concern about your questions, therefore we publish this report, which clarify that 3Dmicro Toolkit introduces only a 0.02% overhead while executing a standard test code.

We tested the performance of an application developed with the 3Dmicro Toolkit Evaluation on a PIC32 microcontroller (PIC32MX795F512L). This performance test is inspired by the tests on other embedded platforms supported by LabVIEW


You can repeat this test downloading the Evaluation performance test project or drag and drop this VI snippet in a empty "" block diagram.

Vi snippets for I O Test

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